Our Story

The founders of the company  (Simon Systems), came from software development industry and our roots started from building software for our clients from various industries. With time, we came to realization that if we needed to solve big real-world problems, we need to continuously and consistently build on top of the knowledge and assets we have acquired in a specific space. Custom software and turnkey projects was not going to help us achieve our goal as the nature of the engagements were too diverse. We needed to  focus and we needed a field that we were passionate. We knew we must commit 100% to one path.

Our team had expertise and passion in using technology to help enterprises in engaging and getting more value out of their customer base. This was our calling and the time has come. Henceforth, Dexperien was born and became our flagship product. With time, we were blessed with having clients who worked with us in developing a unique and holistic solution that really helped solve their CRM challenges and made working much easier and a joy for them.

What started as an operations in Malaysia has seen us spread our roots to the region – with representation in Indonesia and Vietnam. We set a goal: to make our learnings and technology available to as many enterprises as possible. To achieve that, we will build a community of partners and supporters who will share the same values and vision as us.

Deep in us, we will always be technologists – always looking at how we can use technology to solve problems. And we will continue for many decades to come, to help enterprises solve their real-world challenges in engaging and managing their customer base. To help enterprises develop better bonding and interaction experience with their customers.